About Naroman

Tony Frankin
Dili, Timor-Leste
+ 670 7745 0733
tony@ naroman.tl


An experienced and target-driven Website Developer with over 10 years’ experience in leading web development operations and projects. Pays meticulous attention to detail and applies strong technical and commercial acumen, in translating business needs into the delivery of solutions. Integrates strong leadership and staff development capabilities, leverages innovative thinking in solving problems and enables effective communication at all levels. Builds collaborative environments, cultivates trusted partnerships with diverse stakeholders, and is bilingual in English and Tetum. Operates with integrity, and is committed to customer service excellence.



·        Website Design & Development ·        IT Support Operations ·        SEO Optimization
·        Project Management ·        Communication & Networking ·        Budget & Cost Control
·        Graphic & Web Design Software ·        Database Management ·        Problem Solving
·        Cross-Functional Collaboration ·        Stakeholder Engagement ·        System Administration
·        Best Practice Implementation ·        Windows & Mac Troubleshooting ·        Customer Service



Naroman Designs, Timor Leste
Director (2013 – Present)

Key Achievements

  • Founded the company with co-director Floriano Da Costa in early 2013
  • Developed the first and only automated language translation system in Timor Leste, which is available entirely free to the community (tetumdili.com)
  • Delivered high quality design and IT services for clients in Timor-Leste and abroad
  • Currently working on projects that include the development of online booking websites and IT consulting for local business and the accommodation sector


UNDP Capacity Building Support to Policia National de Timor Leste (PNTL), http://www.pntl.tl

Website Developer (Jun 2015 – Jul 2015)

  • Worked under the direction of both the Senior Technical Adviser and the Communications Specialist of the UND Capacity Building Support to the PNTL project
  • Redesigned the PNTL website and delivered formal training to two PNTL media officers

Key Achievements

  • Presented site design examples based on engagements with the PNTL public relations office
  • Utilized a content management system (WordPress) platform in redesigning the PNTL website
  • Migrated information from the existing website to the newly designed site
  • Delivered training to two PNTL media staff in Tetum on uploading content and managing the new website
  • Provided weekly updates on the status of the activities performed and issues identified and solutions proposed
  • Participated in meetings and provided updates on the activities completed during the consultancy period
  • Reported jointly to the PNTL Chief of Public Information and the UNDP Public Information Specialist and presented monthly progress reports


RDP4 / Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries, Timor Leste
Website Developer (Oct 2014 – Apr 2015)

  • Created a web-based application designed to aggregate and process data from the ona.io platform, and to present said data through an interactive dashboard
  • Conducted research, and developed the information architecture and wireframes
  • Executed an iterative template design for the User Interface, and created interactive maps and charts
  • Completed Front-End development and authored HAML/HTML5 templates incorporating SCSS/CSS styling, core Javascript, jQuery and Coffeescript features
  • Developed data-driven Javascript-based dynamic maps and charts
  • Setup javascript-based User Interface elements, provided project leadership and conducted on-site discussions
  • Delivered on-the-ground training to ensure that the project remained self-sustainable


UNDP OHCHR Capacity Development for Provedoria of Human Rights and Justice (PDHJ) Project, Timor Leste
Information Technology Consultant – Website and Databases (Oct 2014 – Apr 2015)

  • Consulted extensively with PDHJ staff and updated the manual
  • Delivered an offline version of website for presentation without internet access
  • Conducted training with PDHJ staff on updating content and posting news stories
  • Developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and reference documentation
  • Provided training for the Website Administrator to execute the tasks outlined in the SOP
  • Tailored and installed a Ruby on Rails based CMS solution running on Ubuntu Linux to enable the PDHJ to monitor and manage in-house training and educational resources
  • Delivered training and capacity development to staff on a national level


Ba Futuru, Timor Leste
IT Systems Consultant (Oct 2014 – Feb 2015)

  • Contracted to protect the Ba Futuru data and ensure server, printer and internet connectivity
  • Enhanced personal knowledge of the systems and ensured that Ba Futuru had enhanced IT systems to allow for more effective project implementation, to impact the beneficiaries positively

Key Achievements

  • Collaborated with Timorese counterparts in reviewing IT systems and procedures
  • Delivered effective oversight and training
  • Conducted a complete computer systems assessment
  • Upgraded systems and delivered refresher training on systems management
  • Sourced, identified and installed an internet usage and security system


Arte Publiku Festival – Timor Leste
Web Design Consultant (Jul 2014 – Aug 2014)

  • Collaborated with Arte Moris and the festival organizers in developing a new multilingual WordPress website for their event
  • Provided training and support to staff to enable them to update the site for future events


UNDP OHCHR Capacity Development for Provedoria of Human Rights and Justice (PDHJ) Project, Timor Leste
Information Technology Consultant (Oct 2013 – Apr 2014)

  • Led the development of the CMS, audited the entire system, completed the backend development
  • Created numerous automatically generated reports and official correspondence letters, using data entered into the CMS
  • Worked with project staff in developing numerous reports and templates as part of the CMS
  • Liaised extensively PDHJ and UNDP project staff

Key Achievements

  • Wrote an outline of the Case Management System for incorporation into a user manual covering the CMS usage and guidelines in detail
  • Collaborated with the Language Officer in translating material into the Tetum language
  • Delivered capacity mentoring and technical assistance for PDHJ IT staff on the CMS as well as on general IT related support
  • Provided training and mentoring support and prepared training materials for PDHJ monitoring staff, which covered all aspects of the CMS system, including usage and best practices
  • Created the PDHJ website and website manuals and provided additional support and assistance
  • Developed an Education and Training Database to allow for ease of maintenance and use by PDHJ staff