PNTL Website

Under the supervision of both the Senior Technical Adviser and Communications Specialist of UNDP’s Capacity Building Support to PNTL project, the project entailed a redesign the PNTL website and formal training to two PNTL media officers. .

Polícia Nacional de Timor-LesteProduced the following outputs:

  • Provided examples of site design based on discussions with the PNTL pub- lic relations office.
  • Redesigned the PNTL website using a content management system (WordPress) platform.
  • Transferred the information from the current website to the newly designed site.
  • Provided training (in Tetun) to two nominated PNTL media staff on how to upload content and manage the new website.
  • Provided weekly updates on the status of the activities performed and issues identified and solutions proposed.
  • Attend meeting as required and provide updates on status of the activities perform during the consultancy period.
  • Jointly reported to the PNTL Chief of Public Information and the UNDP Public Information specialist and provide a monthly report on activities.

The website can be viewed at: